Why become a member? Hear from our Newest Board Members

Region II Trustee: Dr. Tiffany Humes

A graduate from the 2012 Pennsylvania College of Optometry class, Dr. Humes completed an ocular disease residency and now works in the Metro Detroit area.

Q. Why are you a member of the NOA?

A. I am a member of the NOA because I believe in the mission. I have always believed in the motto: “Each one, reach one, to teach one.” The NOA embodies this, by reaching out to students and fellow colleagues, [because] we’re creating a system that is supportive, positive, and a reflection of American diversity.


Meeting Planner: Dr. Shawn Hobbs

Dr. Hobbs is a 1992 graduate from The New England College of Optometry. He is currently a partner in a group-medical referral based practice, Commonwealth Eye Care Associates, in Richmond, VA.

Q. Why are you a member of the NOA?

A. I am a member because I believe we really must increase minority representation through recruitment, so that we can provide care to people in need. The future of the NOA really depends on increasing membership, because as we know, there is strength in numbers.


Region IV Trustee: Dr. Danielle Richardson

Dr. Richardson practices in Houston, TX. (She reports that she is doing well, post Hurricane Harvey). She is a graduate from Indiana University School of Optometry.

Q. Why are you a member of the NOA?

A. As a student, I experienced the NOA family and met many mentors and peers, who affirmed there was a place for me in the profession. Representation matters and seeing the brilliance and success of NOA doctors inspired me as a student and continues to inspire me today.

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